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INDIVIDUAL BLIND CONTROL – Create a comfortable room climate even in summer
May 16, 2018

Required devices:

Installation of the gateway

Install the gateway according to the manual spplied. For the further configuration it is important that the gateway is connected After you have installed the central unit, proceed to the next point.

Inclusion of the devices

Please include all devices into your Z-Wave gateway, in this case the POPP Hub 2, before we can start with the configuration and automation of the blind control in your Smart Home.

Philio Sensor – Temperature and Humidity

To include the Philio sensor set your gateway to inclusion mode. Then activate your sensor by inserting the batteries. The sensor will connect with the gateway. If the inclusion was not successful please repeat the inclusion and trigger it via the manipulation switch at the sensor.

FIBARO Multi Sensor Gen5

Open the battery cover and remove the contact protection. Set your gateway into inclusion mode. Press the button at the backside of the sensor 3 times within 1.5 seconds.

POPP Wall Controller 2

Remove the rocker switch of the Wall Controller as well as the contact protection of the battery. Set your gateway into inclusion mode. Press the button 1 (top left) for 1 second. The LED flashes green-red and the Wall Controller is recognized by your gateway.

Qubino Flush Shutter

ATTENTION! The Qubino Flush Shutter is an installation device (230V) which must be installed by a certificated electrican. After the installation of the Flush Shutter, set the gateway into inclusion mode and switch on the power supply of the Flush Shutter.

Light and Temperature

Light values in rooms at sunny days

The FIBARO Multi Sensor measures the light value in the room. For this purpose please mount the sensor at a position on a wall where the light shines directly into the room during the day. Various measurements in a room with direct sunlight at a sunny day provide different values:

  • Sensor in direct sunlight: 15,000 – 35,000 Lux
  • Sensor in the shade of a furniture object or the door frame: 300 – 1,500 Lux
  • Sensor in the shadow of a conventional interior blind, which is operated manually: 3,000 – 45,00 Lux

Parallel to this, the light intensity in a room was carried out from the side facing away from the sun. There the measurements resulted in the following values:

  • In the room with opened blind: 200 – 900 Lux
  • In the room with half-closed blind: 40 – 100 Lux

These measured values are only guide values and resulted from the measurement with two FIBARO Multi Sensors. It is recommended to adjust the values according to the positions and the interior design.


Linking temperature and light

Since the FIBARO Multi Sensor is installed in the room in such a way that the sun shines directly on the sensor during the day, a second temperature sensor should be used. The Philio Sensor – Temperaure and Humidity offers also the possibility to monitor the humidity of the room. The sensor is installed at a neutral and shady place in the room. The temperature value serves a reference to the temperature of the room.


Position of the sun

In addition to the temperature and the light, the position of the sun must be also considered. For that please use the “Astronomy” App from the App Store. Here you enter the elevation and longitude of the position of your flat or house.


Then two new elements are generated in the POPP Hub 2. Solar Altitude describes the angle of the sun from the earth’s surface. Solar Azimuth describes the horizontal angle of the sun from the meridian. To image these two angles, please have a look at the website: http://www.renewable-energy-concepts.com/solarenergy/solar-basics/orientation-azimuth-angle.html. Here you can enter your address to find out the exact position of the meridian.



Switching the blind depending on sun position, light and room temperature

At first, we create a simple link between the light value of the FIBARO Multi Sensor and the temperature values of the Philio Sensor – Temperature and Humidity. We use the application “Logical Rule” from the App Store of our POPP Hub 2 to control the blinds according to the sun position, the temperature and the light intensity. For the conditions of the Logical Rule use firstly the Boolean operator “And”.


Then set the temperature, the light as well as the Solar Altitude and Solar Azimuth as conditions to adjust the blinds. For the temperature, it is the best to choose a value which is approx. 2 °C above the feel-good temperature. Depending on the position and the orientation of the FIBARO Multi sensor the light value should get a value from the room facing the sun.


Solar Altitude and Solar Azimuth must be selected depending on the cardinal direction of the respective blinds. In this example, the room is facing to east which means that the sun shines strongly on the windows between 6:00 am and 11:30 am. Solar Altitude and Solar Azimuth make this more precise. To protect the room for immense sunlight in the morning please use the values 80° and 180°. At 180° the sun is at its southernmost position at noon and the solar radiation for the room facing east will be over for that day. Then the room is on the shady side.


After that the blind control module is selected as an action and then set the desired position value of the blind.


Set the blind back to the starting postion at the shady side

After the sun has moved to the west side, you can open the blinds normally. To do this automatically, you can use another Logical Rule. Set these as follows.



Control the blind with the Wall Controller

To be able to control the blind manually with the Wall Controller at any time, use a scene called “IfàThen”. At first set the triggers of the Wall Controller according to the manual in the “If->-Then” scene.



Now you have automated your blinds and enjoy the sunny days in a room with pleasant climate. In addition to the solar radiation other factors can be used to switch the blinds later. For example, you can protect your blinds outside for damages resulted by storm. Therefor you use the weather module and create additional rules.


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