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Z-Wave at SHA2017
August 7, 2017

Every second year there is a large developer/hacker summer conference in Europe. This year it is SHAI (sha2017.org) from August 4th to August 8th in the Netherlands.

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Z-Wave Alliance: Rapid growth
July 6, 2017
Z-Wave Alliance logo_RGB_transparent

The Z-Wave Alliance continues to grow and therefore the awareness of the Z-Wave technology as well. As the Alliance announced in its half year report, the number of members grew to 600 during the first half 2017. That means a plus of 150 manufacturers and brands in only 6 months. That’s a huge rise by a third.

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Z-Wave Alliance continues to grow
December 29, 2016

The Z-Wave Alliance have seen further growth throughout 2016 and counts 450 members now. Furthermore, there are more than 1,700 certified products available worldwide. Z-Wave still stays the largest smart home ecosystem.

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A fire changes everything! What can Z-Wave smoke sensors provide?
May 20, 2016

„A fire changes everything!“ That was the this year’s slogan for the official „Day of the smoke sensor” in Germany last Friday.

It’s a tricky one with smoke sensors. Usually these devices look consistent ugly, cost a lot of money – although we do never need them probably – Read more

Z-Wave Smart Home combined with best multimedia
April 8, 2016

Dune HD presents the world’s first Hybrid 4K Media Player with integrated Z-Wave Plus technology.
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Z-Wave.me opens the App Store for 3rd party Apps
February 2, 2016

ZWave.me makes it easier to realize scenes, rules and automations in the Smart Home – With Apps! Read more

Win a Piper Smart Home System
December 23, 2015

Just before Christmas, Z-Wave Europe has started a contest on Facebook and asks “What does Smart Home mean to you?” Anybody who comments and shares the post can win a Piper camera 200 EUR worth.

Piper is a HD panoramic camera with integrated sensors for motion, light intensity, temperature and sound as well as a Z-Wave gateway which can for example control wall plugs, sensors (e.g. door/ window contacts) and create automation scenes.

The contest can be found on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ZWaveinEurope and ends on 05.01.2016. The comment with most “Likes” will win the Piper camera.

Popp Smoke Sensor in the Fibaro Home Center
December 3, 2015
Smoke Sensor detect Fire or SmokeSmoke Sensor detect Fire or Smoke

Since the new software version 4.059 beta for the Fibaro Home Center 2 was published yesterday, the Popp smoke sensor is also fully supported. Read more

Include the KFOB / Wall-C in the gateway: Vera Lite
November 11, 2015

(1) Include the KFOB in the „Non-Secure“-Mode. Start the learning mode of your Vera Lite. If the KFOB is in Factory Default settings please press the button 2 of the KFOB. The KFOB will be included in the Vera Lite now.

(2) Set the parameters in the „Device Options“ menue oft he KFOB. Set the following values to the KFOB by Adding Confifuration settings


(3) In the next step set 5 different associationgroups. Add 5 groups with ID’s from 1-5 by using „Add Group“.

kfob-vera-2(4) Set the associationgroups as described. Use the button „Set“ to set the groups and choose the device „Z-Wave“ in each associationgroup.


(5) Save the settings and wake up the KFOB. Press all for 4 button simultaneously on the KFOB for 1 second. Then press the button 2 to wake up the device and set the configuraation will be set to your KFOB.

Create a Scene

(A) Add a new scene

(B) Choose a trigger fort the scene. Choose the Kfob as a trigger device. Now chosse the scene numbers which start the scene. Each scenenumber is associated to a Button oft he Kfob.

  • Scene number 2 – button 1
  • Scene number 3 – button 2
  • Scene number 4 – button 3
  • Scene number 5 – button 4


WD Z-Wave Smart Home Stick – update the Firmware
November 10, 2015

In some cases it is necessary to update the WD Z-Wave smart home stick’s firmware to latest version. This is possible with only a few clicks using Expert UI. Read more