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Win a Piper Smart Home System
December 23, 2015

Just before Christmas, Z-Wave Europe has started a contest on Facebook and asks “What does Smart Home mean to you?” Anybody who comments and shares the post can win a Piper camera 200 EUR worth.

Piper is a HD panoramic camera with integrated sensors for motion, light intensity, temperature and sound as well as a Z-Wave gateway which can for example control wall plugs, sensors (e.g. door/ window contacts) and create automation scenes.

The contest can be found on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ZWaveinEurope and ends on 05.01.2016. The comment with most “Likes” will win the Piper camera.

Popp Smoke Sensor in the Fibaro Home Center
December 3, 2015
Smoke Sensor detect Fire or SmokeSmoke Sensor detect Fire or Smoke

Since the new software version 4.059 beta for the Fibaro Home Center 2 was published yesterday, the Popp smoke sensor is also fully supported. Read more

Include the KFOB / Wall-C in the gateway: Vera Lite
November 11, 2015

(1) Include the KFOB in the „Non-Secure“-Mode. Start the learning mode of your Vera Lite. If the KFOB is in Factory Default settings please press the button 2 of the KFOB. The KFOB will be included in the Vera Lite now.

(2) Set the parameters in the „Device Options“ menue oft he KFOB. Set the following values to the KFOB by Adding Confifuration settings


(3) In the next step set 5 different associationgroups. Add 5 groups with ID’s from 1-5 by using „Add Group“.

kfob-vera-2(4) Set the associationgroups as described. Use the button „Set“ to set the groups and choose the device „Z-Wave“ in each associationgroup.


(5) Save the settings and wake up the KFOB. Press all for 4 button simultaneously on the KFOB for 1 second. Then press the button 2 to wake up the device and set the configuraation will be set to your KFOB.

Create a Scene

(A) Add a new scene

(B) Choose a trigger fort the scene. Choose the Kfob as a trigger device. Now chosse the scene numbers which start the scene. Each scenenumber is associated to a Button oft he Kfob.

  • Scene number 2 – button 1
  • Scene number 3 – button 2
  • Scene number 4 – button 3
  • Scene number 5 – button 4


WD Z-Wave Smart Home Stick – update the Firmware
November 10, 2015

In some cases it is necessary to update the WD Z-Wave smart home stick’s firmware to latest version. This is possible with only a few clicks using Expert UI. Read more

Domitech’s ZBulb comes to Europe
October 16, 2015

Domitech Products provides its  Z-Wave equipped LED lamp ZBulb in North America for some time. As of now it comes to Europe too. Read more

Popp provides Flow Stop shut-off controller for Smart Homes
October 8, 2015

Manufacturer POPP announced market launch of its Z-Wave controlled automatic water and gas shut-off controller. Read more

Tutorial: Motion Co Radio Motor usage and association with KFOB
October 5, 2015

Before doing anything with the Motion Co Motor you have to insert it into the tube. If it’s not inserted properly it won’t recognize its limits during the calibration. Read more

POPP present the new Z-Wave Gateway
September 17, 2015
Popp Smart Home HubPopp Smart Home Hub

The Popp Hub is a compact smart home IP gateway, equipped with the Z-Wave wireless system. Read more

Popp KFOB-C versus Z-Wave.Me KFOB-S
September 15, 2015

From the outside the two products look very similar indeed. The main different is the software inside. Here the Popp controller brings some substantial improvements:

  1. Primary controller function: The device now acts as primary controller and of course as secondary controller as well. In factory default the buttons 3 and 4 allow to include the first new device into the KFOB as primary controller. Button 1 and 2 remain for fast inclusion as secondary controller. In Management Mode button 3 is now entering the sub menu for primary controller functions:
    1. Include new device with application layer security
    2. Include new device without application layer security c. Exclude device
    3. Handover of primary controller function.
  2. The first device included as primary controller will automatically go into button group A (button 1+3). The controller will test the type of the device and change its commands sent out accordingly (Door lock receive door open/close, Switches receive on/off, dimmers/motor controls receive up/down, move start/stop).

This function allows to use the KFOB-C as stand alone device together with an actor.

  1. Changes in Timeouts. After gathering more information from the market and gaining more experience with the device, we have tweaked some of the time outs:
    1. In factory default a 1 sec. click on any device will start inclusions/exclusions. In KFOB2 /KFOB-S this function was terminated when the button was kept pressing after 3 sec. This limit is removed to avoid misusages.
    2. Holding all four buttons simultaneously will enter management mode after 1 second, down from 5 seconds. This shall improve user experience and save time and battery life.1
    3. Holding down button 4 after button 3 in management mode executes factory reset after 2 seconds, down from 5 seconds. This shall improve user experience and save time and battery life.

On request Popp publishes a detailed report from a German University confirming the claim of extended battery life. Even under heavy usage the little battery is supposed to last two years, with normal usage far more.

The biggest advantage of the KFOB from Z-Wave.Me is its feature rich design and flexibility. This is the same time its biggest disadvantage because user may misconfigure the device and get lost. The Popp KFOBC adds even more functions to the little device but the same time streamlines the usage with shortening the timings.

Having a complete – even secure – controller in the size of a KFOB is an amazing design.

WD My Cloud NAS becomes a Z-Wave Smart Home Zentrale
August 7, 2015
Bild @ Chris BertkoWD My Cloud NAS mit dem Z-Wave Smart Home Stick

At the CeBIT show there were first impressions to a Smart Home system released which will be available soon for WD NAS series “My Cloud”. As of now the My Cloud Smart Home is available in the app store.

Thanks to a small Z-Wave USB dongle the WD NAS My Cloud turns into a fully functional Z-Wave smart home control center. So, you can connect Z-Wave sensors such as room thermostats, motion detectors, door and window contacts, brightness sensors as well as actuators such as switchable sockets, shutter controls, heating thermostats and many more to the My Cloud smart home center.

That allows the user to receive information about his home via web browser or mobile device such as smartphone or tablet pc. Actuators can be switched also from afar. The user can be informed automatically by email or push notification about events such as unauthorized movements, open windows or doors, detected smoke or flood and many more.

The NAS (Network Attached Storage) will become a fully functional smart home gateway with only 3 simple steps:

  • Plug in the Z-Wave dongle into an available USB port of your WD NAS.
  • Download the Z-Way App from your WD My Cloud’s App Store
  • Connect Z-Wave devices with the WD My Cloud Smart Home center

Besides controlling via app it is possible to create various automations. For this the user will find some plugins with ready to use scenes in the “Apps” menu. The can be found also plugins for the integration of network based devices such as Sonos speaker or internet services (e.g. weather information). With the plugin “Logic Rules” the user has still the ability to create own scenes or automations according to the IF-THEN principle.

The Z-Way software will be executed only on the NAS locally. There won’t be any functions or data transferred to an online cloud service. Due to the WD NAS’s extended storage capacity it is possible to save log data and event lists of a longer period and display later graphically. Also the recording of connected camera’s video streams is possible. Furthermore these cameras can be connected to Z-Wave door and window contacts, motion detectors, other sensors and different actuator as well.

As of now the Z-Wave USB stick can be pre-ordered at some dealers and will be delivered starting August.