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Include the KFOB / Wall-C in the gateway: Vera Lite
11. November 2015

(1) Include the KFOB in the „Non-Secure“-Mode. Start the learning mode of your Vera Lite. If the KFOB is in Factory Default settings please press the button 2 of the KFOB. The KFOB will be included in the Vera Lite now.

(2) Set the parameters in the „Device Options“ menue oft he KFOB. Set the following values to the KFOB by Adding Confifuration settings


(3) In the next step set 5 different associationgroups. Add 5 groups with ID’s from 1-5 by using „Add Group“.

kfob-vera-2(4) Set the associationgroups as described. Use the button „Set“ to set the groups and choose the device „Z-Wave“ in each associationgroup.


(5) Save the settings and wake up the KFOB. Press all for 4 button simultaneously on the KFOB for 1 second. Then press the button 2 to wake up the device and set the configuraation will be set to your KFOB.

Create a Scene

(A) Add a new scene

(B) Choose a trigger fort the scene. Choose the Kfob as a trigger device. Now chosse the scene numbers which start the scene. Each scenenumber is associated to a Button oft he Kfob.

  • Scene number 2 – button 1
  • Scene number 3 – button 2
  • Scene number 4 – button 3
  • Scene number 5 – button 4


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