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New Android App for POPP Smart Home HUB
26. February 2018
Neue POPP-Android-App

Since a few days the new Android app for the POPP HUB is available as an “open beta” version in the Google Play Store. Users of the POPP Smart Home System have been waiting for a long time and the new app is indeed a big step forward. Not only the design has been fine-tuned, but above all the functionalities should be convincing.

The highlights of the new feature package include: switching individual devices directly from the smartphone’s home screen, automatic recognition of the smartphone as soon as it is inside the home, and the super-fast one-click setup for easy device installation.

New Functions:

  • Automatic setup of user interface based on user information
    • Configurable dashboard provides quick access to features and items
    • Customizable display of all functions and elements (individualization, filter, view by rooms with direct display of up to three sensor values)
    • Automation: Scenes, IF-THEN rules, timer function
    • Chronological display of all events (history)
    • Administration: Installation and administration of all Z-Way modules, connection and setup of new devices (Z-Wave, WLAN, 433 MHz, EnOcean,…), individualization and configuration.
    • Different skins to suit different design requirements of the users
  • Automatic handover between local use (within the home) and cloud access for extra fast operation
  • Extremely fast device setup thanks to QR code and web browser integration
  • Controlling scenes/switches with Android Home Screen shortcuts
  • Push service
  • Automatic scene activation by detecting whether the smartphone is inside the home
  • Manage multiple controllers in one app

screen_1     screen_2     screen_3     screen_4

Smart Setup 1 – QR-Code request


Smart Setup 2 – QR-Code scan


Smart Setup 3 – Edit device


Swipe rooms


Switching devices – Real-time alignment between desktop and mobile app


Since February 15th there is a new app for all users of the POPP HUB. Since the POPP system is based on the “Z-Way” software, the corresponding versions for Raspberry and WD Smart Home users will be released soon.

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