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New Update for POPP HUB
13. December 2017

Since a few days, there is a new update for the POPP HUB Gateway available. Update 2.3.6 will be offered after logging into the user interface and can be downloaded and installed directly.

New features of the new update:

  • Floorplan upload (only in expert view, ExpertUI)
  • Raumkarte mit der Möglichkeit eigene Grundrisse vom PC hochzuladen (nur in der Expertenansicht)
  • Overworked App-Store
  • New widgets for sound-, RGBW- and climate control
  • Notifications (Push / E-Mail) can be used ins cenes and logics as of now
  • Controller recovery via „restore“
  • Completely overworked device removing function. Easy remove of single devices – even if they are defect.
  • Improved or added compatilities of ca. 40 devices
  • Defect devices will be marked in user interface automatically
  • Integration of Technaxx cameras
  • Integration of iEast devices (sound streaming and multiroom sonication)
  • POPP Keypad integration
  • New attendance check for iOS (App detect via Wi-Fi if the user is at home or not and can trigger appropriate scenes or switch devices.)

Additionally, some former bugs were fixed and optimizations realized increasing the POPP HUB’s basic performance.

Screenshot Update-News      Screenshot Rooms      Screenshot RGBW Control       Screenshot Heating Control     Screenshot Dashboard     Screenshot ExpertUI Floorplan

Screenshots: POPP

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