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20. November 2015 at 11:28


I have acquired Z-wave plus Smart home stick (Made for My Cloud by WD) and connected it to a WD EX2 My Cloud. I downloaded the app on my EX2 but fails to log on the configuration page.  USb stiker Z-way I bought from Sweden but will use this in Norway. Is there some sort of regional blocking?

20. November 2015 at 11:39


the Stick works in Europe. Also in Norway and Sweden. What browser are you using? Please try it again with the Firefox browser or Google Chrome.

10. June 2016 at 11:00


my smart stick home is from sweden. I can’t access to my z-wave aplication page by MyCloudMirror NAS . My browse is firefox, and the message is “unable to load data“. I can’t access with any user, even admin user.