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7. December 2016 at 10:16

Hi, i am new to this but thought i could get a bit further than i have. I have a few questions that if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

i have this running on the WD My Cloud DL4100. the App runs fine and i have added in a Fibaro motion sensor and a devolo key fob. i would like to create a simple setup

1. to push a notification to my phone if the motion is triggered
2. to have the push only happen if i have pressed button 1 on my key fob when i leave the house
3. to be able to turn this on and off using the fob – basically a simple alarm toggle

i managed to find an app that pushes the motion trigger to my phone but the only way to turn this action off is to deactivate the push app i used. i wanted to be able to activate and deactivate using the key fob.

to do that do i need to create a home and away scene? i can find nowhere to create a scene in the software.

maybe there is a way to program the fob trigger to turn the app on and off?

as i said – very new but i have been staring at this for 24 hours already and gotten nowhere
any help appreciated

19. January 2017 at 9:27


you cannot trigger Apps with a Scene.

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