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Using Z-Weather in Devolo Home Control
9. June 2016

The Z-Weather wind and multi sensor is the ideal complement to the Home Control smart home system by Devolo – and this is the way how to include it.
Z-Weather multi Sensor not only measures wind speed, it also provides you with following relevant values:

  • (Outdoor) Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Brightness
  • Air Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Efficiency (available energy of a photovoltaic system with 1qm and 17% efficiency)


1) The Z-Weather is supplied unmounted and uncharged. Mount the cup anemometer. In order to charge Z-Weather place it in a location with direct sunlight exposure for 3-4 hours. Without direct sun light, charging may take 12 hours.
Go to Device overview of the Devolo Home Control gateway and click on the plus (+) symbol. Then select other devices in the dropdown and click on the tile of Z-Wave. The Devolo gateway will start its learning mode. Quickly triple click the button on the bottom of Z-Weather (within 1.5 sec). So, Z-Weather will start the learning mode as well. Now both units begin to communicate.



Which device do you wat to add to “devolo Home Control”?

Http Device – PHILIPS Hue – Z-Wave Device – Other Devices





Step 1 of 4: Preparing the device

Z-Wave Device

Please see the device’s manual to find out what to do for starting the inclusion mode.

As soon as Z-Weather wakes up for the first time, it will transfer measured values to the Devolo Home Control gateway. Thanks to the fact that Z-Weather works energy-self-sufficient and it is supplied with voltage by the solar panel, the wake-up interval may verify between 15 minutes (on sunny days) and up to 2 hours (at night) or even 5 hours (on long winter days).

Humidity 68.0%
Temperature 18.2 %
Brightness 100.0 %
Wind speed 1.0 m/s
Air pressure 1011.0 hPa
Dew point 12.3 %
Efficiency 0.0 W
Total 0.2 kWh





In addition, the measured values are displayed in a diagram and are available for history.


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