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WD Z-Wave Smart Home Stick – update the Firmware
10. November 2015

In some cases it is necessary to update the WD Z-Wave smart home stick’s firmware to latest version. This is possible with only a few clicks using Expert UI.

(1) Start your preferred browser and got to your WD smart home web interface: http://IP-der-WD-NAS:8083/smarthome
Log in as admin

(2) Open Expert UI (http://IP-der-WD-NAS:8083/expert). Navigate in horizontal menu to Network > Controller Info


(3) Scroll down to the „Firmware Update“ button and click

(4) You will reach a new page which displays all available updates. Choose the appropriate version for your country (Europe without addition: “update firmware from 5.02 to 5.03”)


You will reach a message after successful update process.


Reboot your WD NAS as the last step. For this purpose go to your WD NAS’ WebUI > Utilities > Reboot.

Please go to Expert UI after reboot (and login to smart home UI) again.
Under menu item “Controller Info” you should find the latest version you just installed.

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