MyCloud_plus_IconsMusic, pictures, books and other digital media – digital world is booming. With My Cloud™ by WD you can save all of your digital content in high speed and secured at home with worldwide access and storage space in abundance. But your My Cloud™ can be much more!

My Cloud™ by WD becomes the control center of your intelligent home!

The Z-Wave Smart Home USB Stick turns your My Cloud™ NAS (Network Attached Storage) into a smart home control center. Thanks to Z-Wave wireless technology you are free to choose from more than 1,300 components from about 300 different manufacturers to assemble your personal smart home.

Your home is getting intelligent and will make your life easier. As of now heating, window blinds, lighting and other electrical devices can be controlled by smartphone, tablet, desktop pc, laptop or remote control. Your home is getting securer and energy consumption will be reduced.

Automate your home and enjoy more comfort, because the light will be switched on automatically the moment you’re leaving the bed or the heating will be activated when you’re on the way home or all electrical devices will be switched off as soon as you’re leaving home.



Smart Home for everybody

There is no special technical previous knowledge necessary for setup the My Cloud smart home control center. There are only three steps making your home intelligent.
And that’s how it works:

  1. Plug in the Z-Wave USB stick into My Cloud™ NAS
  2. Download „Z-Way“ app over your My Cloud’s WebUI
  3. Connect Z-Wave devices with the WD Smart Home Center


Your individual Smart Home

Most of the available smart home components can be installed without previous knowledge. Your smart home bases on a modular concept assembled like a puzzle and you decide about the investments. The brain of your smart home is My Cloud™ NAS by WD connected with the Z-Wave wireless stick. Over the “Z-Way” app which is available for download free of charge in the My Cloud™ App Store you can connect all of your Z-Wave devices with the My Cloud™ smart home control center. This provides you a lot of opportunities for your individual smart home:

  • Control of lights, heating and electrical devices by freely positionable wireless switches or portable remote controls
  • Automatic heating control by timer or room thermostat
  • Increased safety due to smoke and flood sensors, motion detectors as well as door and window contact sensors
  • Automatic lighting control when entering the house or apartment
  • Scenario definition (e.g. various lighting moods or automatic switch off all stand-by devices when leaving home)
  • Control all of your devices from everywhere by smartphone, tablet or desktop pc
  • Display current energy consumption by app – anytime and anywhere

You can create schedules and automations with the web based user interface of Z-Way app. All defined functions will work automatically in background. Lights will be switched on automatically the moment the motion sensor detects something, the heating controls room temperature according to your needs and window blinds will open automatically when the sun is rising. It’s up to you if you want to control your devices by smartphone app, remote control or timer.

My Cloud™ Smart Home Control Center – The brain of your intelligent home

WD My Cloud™ is the brain of your intelligent home and works as a director. All the threads run together here. The control center sends commands to all smart home devices using Z-Wave wireless technology and receives feedbacks from all devices at the same time (e.g. battery status or sensor detected values). Connected with your home network My Cloud™ is the central interface for desktop pc, notebook, smartphone and tablet pc as well – enabling comfortable home control by web browser or mobile app at home or from the other end of the world.

The Z-Wave smart home usb stick is compatible to the following My Cloud™ models:

  • My Cloud™ Expert Series:
    EX2, EX2100, EX4100
  • My Cloud™ Business Series:
    DL2100, DL4100
  • My Cloud™ Pro Series:
    PR2100, PR4100
  • My Cloud™ Mirror


Control your home with your smartphone

The smartphone app for controlling all smart home devices in your home can be downloaded free of charge at iTunes or Google Play Store: