Buying the Z-Wave Smart Home Stick

The small Z-Wave Smart Home Stick turns your My Cloud™ NAS into a fully functional smart home center which can monitor and control every single device in your Z-Wave home network. You can check operating status and energy consumption of your devices and control them from everywhere. Besides automation functions will help to make your life easier and more comfortable. Use these advantages of Z-Wave wireless technology in combination with your My Cloud™ NAS by WD:

  • No monthly costs for smart home software
  • All of your data stored on your local My Cloud™ NAS drive
  • Wide selection of components from more than 300 different manufacturers due to Z-Wave standard certification
The Z-Wave Smart Home Stick is available at the following partner shops:

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Further Z-Wave sensors and actuator such as LED lights, switchable adapter plugs, thermostats, dimmer and many more can be found also at various other partner shops.

Z-Wave – Where to buy?