Application Examples

Form your everyday life easier and more comfortable with Z-Wave Smart Home in an easy and uncomplicated way.

  • Switch lights, the heating and electronic devices by remote switch (free positionable) or portable remote control
  • Automatic heating control by time control or room thermostat
  • Increased safety due to smoke and flood sensor, motion detection as well as door and window contacts
  • Automatic light control when entering a house or apartment
  • Define scenarios (e.g. different lighting moods or automatic switch off of all stand-by devices when leaving home)
  • Control all devices when you’re on the way by smartphone, tablet or desktop pc
  • Be informed about current energy consumption in your home, everytime and everywhere

Below you will find some application examples which you can realize in your smart home in an easy way.

You don’t know how to start? No worries, because there is a starterkit including Z-Wave stick already available. With this you can get started right. With the switchable plug adapter and the 3-in-1 multi sensor you can realize the following scenarios as examples:

Mosquito repellent

Everybody knows it: It’s a lukewarm summer’s eve and you open the window for a short time – and the unbidden guests enter the room, decoyed by light. The My Cloud™ Smart Home center is able to switch off a switchable adapter plug connected to a table light automatically when the window will be opened.


Mosquito Repellent

IF window is open THEN switch off the light

Temperature guard

Is it too hot or too cold in your work room again? Then switch on and off the fan or air condition automatically. The 3-in-1 sensor from your starterkit owns an integrated temperature sensor. Connect the switchable adapter plug with the sensor and switch on and off if the temperature exceeds or fall below a defined value. Connect a fan, air condition or electric heating to the switchable adapter plug to adjust the room temperature. A frost guard is also realizable in this way.


Temperature Guard

WHEN temperature higher/lower as defined THEN switch on/off plug adapter