Scenes: Comfort

„Good morning“ scene

With pushing the wireless wall switch, freely positioned on a planar horizontal or vertical surface, you can switch on the light in bedroom as well as the switchable plug connected to the coffee machine in the kitchen. Simultaneously the heating thermostat warms up the bathroom to comfortable 73°F before you get up.

"Good morning" scene

IF wireless switch is pushed THEN switch on the socket (adapter plug) where the coffee machine is connected AND activate the heating for warming up the bathroom to the defined temperature

Components used in this scene:

Heating control by schedule

How about a comfortable warmed home when you’re coming from work afternoon? With heating schedules it is possible to reduce room temperature during the day when nobody is at home and warming up again timely before you’re arriving after work. For this you can create individual heating schedules with the webUI of your My Cloud™ Smart Home Center, if desired separate plans for every single day of the week,

Time-controlled Heating

TIME-controlled heating

Components used in this scene:

Light on due to movements

Do you know this situation? It is dark in your home, but you have to go again through the corridor, maybe down the stairs.

Spare yourself the long search for a light switch and make your way simply safer. Once the motion sensor detects any movements he switches on the switchable plug and the lamp connected to the plug lightens the corridor.

Comfort Lighting

IF motion is detected THEN switch the light on

Components used in this scene:

Blind control with wake up function

Once it’s getting dark outside window blinds will be closed automatically. This prevents unwanted views from outside into your home. And in the morning window blinds will be opened again automatically by defined schedule or step by step slowly with sunrise. Wake up this way with comfortable light atmosphere.

Alternatively you can use the small convenient KFOB remote control to open and close your window blinds and shutters or drive them into any position.

Comfort Blind control

1) TIME-controlled shutters up/down
2) IF button on KFOB is pushed THEN shutters up/down

Components used in this scene:

*Please ask an electrician for the installation of flush-mounted devices.