Switch off stand-by devices

Stand-by function of many devices give us comfort in everyday life, but it needs additional energy. In the night while we are sleeping or during the day when nobody is at home we can save energy by switching off these devices completely. Thanks to Z-Wave smart home you can do this with only one touch of a button.

Position the wireless wall controller next to your bed or in the corridor next to your entrance door. With only one touch of a button you can switch off all switchable plugs which cuts the connected devices from energy grid.

Switching "All off"

WHEN wall switch is pushed THEN switch off all switchable plugs

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*Alternatively to the wireless wall controller you can use the KFOB remote control as well


Regulate down the heating during airing

Steady airing is important for your living area. It enhances room climate and prevents mold growth. But often during the airing a lot of energy gets lost, because the heating is still active. Due to Z-Wave wireless communication your My Cloud™ Smart Home Center will be informed by the window contact about the open window and the heating will be regulated down automatically as long as the window is open.

Automatic Heating Control

WHEN the window is open THEN regulate down the heating

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Leaving home

The moment you are leaving your home the heating can be regulated down to reduce room temperature. Thanks to your My Cloud™ Smart Home Center it is not necessary any more to go through every room to regulate every thermostat single. And you won’t forget any room, because only one touch of a button on your KFOB remote control or wireless Wall Controller next to the entrance door will regulate down every thermostat in your home. When you’re on the way home later you can re-activate the heating by smartphone app to get a comfortable room temperature for your arrival at home.

"Leaving "Home" scene


IF switch is pushed THEN regulate dwon all heating thermostats (AND switch off als switchable sockets)

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