Scenes: Safety

Smart Home with Z-Wave provides beside comfort and energy savings enhanced security too. Enjoy an improved burglary protection due to motion sensors as well as door and window contact sensors. Connected smoke sensors alarm reliable with optical and acoustical signals in case of a dangerous situation – even if you are not at home. Sometimes security technology means the opportunity to check anytime if everything is in order. Thanks to Z-Wave wireless technology and your My Cloud™ Smart Home Center you can check with a smartphone app if the windows are closed or if adapter plugs are switched off. Furthermore you can setup an automatic push notification to your smartphone when you are leaving home which calls attention in case of an open window.

Push notification in case of smoke detector alarm

Smoke detectors detect arising smoke emission as well as fires timely. Due to Z-Wave wireless meshing the detecting smoke sensor informs all additional smoke sensors in range and activates their alarms too. That makes the alert signal hearable everywhere at home in case of a dangerous situation. All smoke detectors are connected to your My Cloud™ Smart Home Center. That allows alerting in different ways within seconds and enables you to react immediately whether you are at work, on vacation or on the road anywhere. In case of an alarm your smart home center is able to send an email or a push notification to all smartphones by using the Z-Way app.

Smoke Detector Notification

IF smoke is detected THEN send push notification

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Smoke detector opens window blinds and switches on the lighting

In case of fire it is important to have unfettered exit routes. The emerging smoke dims the rooms. That makes it difficult to orientate oneself. Thanks to connection between the smoke detectors and My Cloud™ Smart Home through Z-Wave wireless technology the control center will be informed about an activated alarm within seconds and can trigger immediate actions. Thereby the lighting can be switched on and blinds opened to secure exit routes.

Smoke Detector Actions

IF smoke is detected THEN activat siren AND switch on the light AND open window blinds AND send push notification

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*Please ask an electrician for the installation of flush-mounted devices.

Alarm system

Make your apartment or house safe with smart home. The small remote control which is always with you on your key ring activates the “alarm scene” when you’re leaving home. Door and window contacts with integrated motion sensors detect immediately any movements in your home or if a window or door will be opened unauthorized. The smoke detectors with additional indoor siren set off an alarm to force a burgler to leave your house or apartment. In the same second you will receive a push notification on your smartphone giving the opportunity to react immediately.

Anti-Burglary Protection

IF window is open or motion detected THEN activate siren AND send push notification

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Flood sensor prevents nasty surprises

Switching on the washing machine and going into the kitchen preparing lunch for the children coming from school in a few minutes. An everyday situation. But what about a nasty situation if the washing machine refuses to work? Leaking water can cause extensive damage. In this case it’s good to be prepared. In case of leaking water the Fibaro flood sensor positioned next to the washing machine or the dishwasher alarms immediately with acoustical and optical signals and informs the My Cloud™ Smart Home Center. A lamp connected to a switchable socket (adapter plug) starts to blink to call attention to the alert. At the same time you will be informed by push notification on your smartphone.

Flood Detector

IF water is detected THEN switch the plug for blinking light AND send push notification

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