Flood sensor – Prevents unpleasant surprises

Leaking water can cause extensive damage in a short time. This can be prevented by detecting the danger and closing the leak in time. The Fibaro flood sensor detects leaking water promptly and reliable and alarms with its integrated alarm siren. Thanks to Z-Wave wireless networking the alert will be sent also to My Cloud™ Smart Home Center which triggers further actions. Therefore lights can start blinking causing an optical alarm and a push notification can be sent to your smartphone. Using a magnetic valve with connected Z-Wave switch relais enables the My Cloud Smart Home system to react automatically interrupting water flow.


Thanks to its flexible golden telescopic probes the Fibaro flood sensor also works on rough surfaces. Furthermore it detects and reports fast temperature increase or drop. Thus the integrated temperature sensor can be used also as fire alarm sensor as well as frost monitor. Besides all these functions the device owns a tilt sensor which detects tilt and motion with more than 15 degrees and reports to My Cloud™ Smart Home Center.



  1. Open the Fibaro flood sensor (half turn clockwise).
  2. Go to the user interface of the Z-Way smart home app with your web-browser.
  3. Navigate to My Settings > Devices on the right side and select Z-Wave devices.
  4. Click the big button: Autodetect. Your smart home center is in learning mode now.
  5. Press the small lever in the Fibaro flood sensor three times (within 1.5 seconds).
  6. Your smart home center will inform that a new device is detected.