4-in-1 Sensor – Versatile and quick to assemble


The Philio 4-in-1 door/ window contact detects open doors and windows reliable. In addition it can detect movements and measure room temperature as well as brightness. Therewith this versatile sensor can be used for example to regulate down a Z-Wave heating thermostate during airing automatically. Furthermore it will inform with an email or push notification to your smartphone if unauthorized movements are detected in your home.

The Philio 4-in-1 sensor can both assembled by screws or adhesive film. Both mounting materials are included within scope of delivery.



  1. The sensor consist of two parts: detector and magnet. The magnet should be fixed to the movable part of the door/ window, the detector at the frame.
    1. If you want to fix the Philio sensor by screws , please open the housing. There you will find some prebored holes.
    2. If you want to fix it with the adhesive tape remove one side of the adhesive tape’s foil and affix it on the detector’s backside. Remove the other foil afterwards and affix the detector at the position you want.
  2. Please affix the magnet to the movable part of the wing of the door/ window. In closed state the detector and magnet should have a distance of 30 mm maximum.


  1. Remove the bracket of battery interrupt on the detector’s backside.
  2. Thus the sensor is already in learning mode*.
  3. Go to the user interface of the Z-Way smart home app with your web-browser.
  4. Navigate to My Settings > Devices on the right side and select Z-Wave devices.
  5. Click the big button: Autodetect. Your smart home center is in learning mode now.
  6. Your smart home center will inform that a new device is detected.

*If you want to set the device in learning mode repeatedly, please push the sabotage protection button on the detector’s backside three times (within 1.5 seconds).