KFOB Remote Control – It doesn’t get any easier

With the KFOB remote control you have the key to your intelligent home always in your trousers pocket. With its smooth and robust housing and sliding cover, preventing unwanted touch of a button, this handy remote control will be the perfect companion for your key ring. That gives you the opportunity to switch off all devices and lights when you’re leaving home or to start defined light scenarios as well as a heating programs by only one touch of a button. You can assign functions to the four buttons of the remote control as you need it  similar to the wireless wall switch. The difference: While the wall switch ist positoned permanently to the place you have chosen once the KFOB remote control can be used everywhere in your home.

The KFOB can be programmed through the web UI of your WD My Cloud™ Smart Home Center.



  1. Go to the user interface of the Z-Way smart home app with your web-browser.
  2. Navigate to My Settings > Devices on the right side and select Z-Wave devices.
  3. Click the big button: Autodetect. Your smart home center is in learning mode now.
  4. Slide the cover down.
  5. Push and hold button 1 for 2 seconds. The LED will start blinking.
  6. Your smart home center will inform that a new device is detected.