Smoke detector with siren – One device full of safety

There are a lot of potential fire sources in an apartment or house. Often the danger doesn’t emerge from direct fire such as candles or chimneys but from a variety of electrical devices connected to mains permanently. Mostly these devices cause home fire. Protect your family, yourself and your belongings – optimize fire safety within your own four walls by using Z-Wave radio smoke detectors. Smoke detectors can save life!

Thanks to Z-Wave wireless meshing you can realize extended fire safety  in your home through an especially effective alarm system. As soon as one Z-Wave smoke detector detects smoke or fire in your home it will send an alert signal to the Z-Wave network. Thus all other smoke detectors in the house will alert too. That ensures awareness of danger also in other floors or by night while you’re sleeping.

With scene definition you can set automatic actions in case of an alarm. Thereby the lighting can be switched on and window blinds opened making the escape rout safety. Simultaneously a push notification can be sent  to all smartphones and tablets connected to the My Cloud™ Smart Home Center. Z-Wave Smart Home buys time to get yourself and other residents out of harm’s way.

Furthermore the device contains a separate siren.This one alarms with a different acoustic signal compared to the smoke detector and can thereby integrated in an existing alarm system as an independent siren which causes an alert in case of a breaking for example.



  1. Loosen the smoke detector’s mounting plate by turning right.
  2. Install the mounting plate at the ceiling horizontally. Use the attached fixing material.
  3. Place the smoke detector on the mounting plate.


  1. Remove the bracket of battery interrupt.
  2. Press the small button on the backside three times (within 1.5 seconds).
  3. Go to the user interface of the Z-Way smart home app with your web-browser.
  4. Navigate to My Settings > Devices on the right side and select Z-Wave devices.
  5. Click the big button: Autodetect. Your smart home denter is in learning mode now.
  6. Your smart home center will inform that a new device is detected.