Battery-powered wireless wall switch – Completely wireless


The Z-Wave wireless wall switch becomes the central element in your intelligent home. You can position this battery-powered wall switch on any place in your living area without laying cables. You can control the heating in the bathroom as well as other devices such as lights in the living room or the kitchen. The four buttons can be configured individual. So you can do both switching single devices and controlling complete scenes (pre-defined in your My Cloud™ Smart Home Center). When you’re leaving home you can switch off all devices with only one touch of a button or starting a pre-defineds light atmosphere for the TV evening in the living room.



  1. Remove one side of the enclosed three-side adhesive film and fix the 4 adhesive films on the corners of the mounting plate.
  2. Position the mounting plate at the wall position you want. Please consider the small arrow (TOP) showing up.


  1. Go to the user interface of the Z-Way smart home app with your web-browser.
  2. Navigate to My Settings > Devices on the right side and select Z-Wave devices.
  3. Click the big button: Autodetect. Your smart home center is in learning mode now.
  4. Press the button 1 short (button top left). Now the wall switch is in learning mode too.
  5. Your smart home center will inform that a new device is detected.