The User Interface

Come and join on a little tour through the user interface of the My Cloud™ Smart Home Control Center. Follow the path http://IP-Ihrer-My-Cloud/smarthome and open the web interface of your smart home.


At first it is recommended to create rooms whom you can assign different devices, modules and sensors afterwards.



Top right you can find a small gearwheel symbol. There you can find all settings for your account and your smart home as well.  Under the point My settings you can select the preferred language for your smart home interface. The My Cloud™ Smart Home Center supports:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • French
  • Chinese


Remote Access by Smartphone App

Within the settings you will find the remote access ID. Enter this numerical order into your smartphone app and get access to your smart home from everywhere. There is no DynDNS or similar access needed. To protect your smart home against unauthorized accesses it’s mandatory to assign an individual personal password.

Connecting Z-Wave Devices

Go to menu item Devices to connect Z-Wave devices and IP cameras as well. Prospectively it will also be possible to connect devices with EnOcean technology if the appropriate hardware is available.


Select the Z-Wave button and choose the manufacturer logo of the component you want to connect with your My Cloud™ Smart Home Center. Here you will receive a step-by-step instruction how to set the device into learning mode. It’s very easy – and you can put aside the device’s manual.


Due to the ever-growing assortment of Z-Wave smart home components it’s possible that the device you want to connect with your My Cloud™ Smart Home Center is not yet available. In this case please select the Autodetect new Z-Wave Device mode and follow the instruction from the device’s manual.


After connecting your new Z-Wave device to the My Cloud™ Smart Home Center you can use it immediately. It’s recommended now to configure the device and assign a clear name. Furthermore you can assign the device to an appropriate room.

wd-zwave-device-settingsSwitching Devices

No matter if you’re using a wall switch, remote control, web browser or smartphone/ tablet by using an app from Google Playstore or iTunes Store – It’s time to control your smart home intelligent and intuitive.

Control the (to My Cloud™ Smart Home Center) connected devices such as sockets, lamps, shutters,…and many more with the controller you prefer. Installed sensors inform about the things happening at home – which windows or doors are open, how is the temperature in every separate room and so on. You have one eye on it and the things in your hand!

In addition you will find all changes of states, sensor values etc. in the event list. Have a look and find out the last time the motion detector was triggered, when the room temperature has changed or the TV was switched on? There are some devices you don’t want to see in your event list (e.g. brightness sensor)? That’s not an issue. You can hide all of this device’s messages with only one click.

wd-zwave-schaltenAutomation via Apps and Plugins

Let switch on the light automatically when entering the room or switch off the heating by itself when the window will be opened for airing. For these comfortable easements in everyday life you will find some Apps in the menu top right. Furthermore you will find little plugins which can monitor the weather on the Dashboard, allow e-mail and sms notification or include multimedia devices as a Sonos music system and much more.