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Z-Wave Alliance continues to grow
29. December 2016

The Z-Wave Alliance have seen further growth throughout 2016 and counts 450 members now. Furthermore, there are more than 1,700 certified products available worldwide. Z-Wave still stays the largest smart home ecosystem.

Although not all devices are useable in all markets and frequency areas. For example, Z-Wave Europe, the largest distributor for Z-Wave products in Europe, currently offers around 200 different devices with European radio frequency. Of course, that is a significantly lower number than the 1.700 certified devices in total, but nevertheless it’s more than all over wireless technologies can offer.

Regarding already installed devices, Z-Wave continues to lead the field with 70 million installed devices. Although the North American has the lion’s share. Of course, the European smart home market is still quite young, but if the growth picks up speed in Europe most of small isolated applications will be replaced by interoperable technologies like Z-Wave. Furthermore, a growing number of installed devices will lead to a growing product range, because devices which are already available in America will be also available with European frequency then.

Besides, the Z-Wave Alliance also announced that the Polish manufacturer FIBARO joins the Board of Directors as of now. It’s the second European company after FAKRO which becomes a “Principal Member”. Further board members are ADT, NEXIA, JASCO, LG U+, NORTEK, SmartThings and Sigma Designs.

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