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Z-Wave Alliance: Rapid growth
6. July 2017
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The Z-Wave Alliance continues to grow and therefore the awareness of the Z-Wave technology as well. As the Alliance announced in its half year report, the number of members grew to 600 during the first half 2017. That means a plus of 150 manufacturers and brands in only 6 months. That’s a huge rise by a third.

The increase of certified devices was similar. The Alliance had a lot to do by certifying 400 new products. That was a grow of nearly 25% from 1,700 to 2,100. 98% of these new certified products received the “Z-Wave PLUS” label (PLUS: particular user-friendly operation, easier installation, increased performance).

Mitchell Klein, executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance, says to the strong grow: “Z-Wave continues to grow exponentially and shatter records, both in certified devices available to consumers and global companies supporting the advancement of the standard. We know this increased momentum is due to Z-Wave’s interoperability, security, network strength and diverse ecosystem; it really is a solution that’s custom built for the connected home.”

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