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Z-Wave.me opens the App Store for 3rd party Apps
2. February 2016

ZWave.me makes it easier to realize scenes, rules and automations in the Smart Home – With Apps!

Automations and scenes constitute the heart of a Smart Home. Many smart home systems provide a graphical user interfaces, where the user can create simple rules by using the so-called logic programming (“IF – THEN” function). For example: IF the window is open THEN switch off the heating or IF motion is detected THEN turn on the light. If the automation are somewhat more extensive, it will quickly become very complex for the user. In many cases it is no longer feasible with the graphical interfaces.

By the way: Did you know that “logic programming”, a study is?

Z-Wave.me takes a different approach with the Smart Home platform “Z-Way”. Small, finished applications – so-called “Apps” – shall make the user’s everyday life easier. In future there should be one ready-to-use “App” for every specific application available – just as one knows it from the smartphone. The users gets a ready-to-use program where to add/select parameters only – for example devices which should be used in the chosen automation.

The already available App “Smart Light Control” controls the user’s lamps and dims the brightness depending on the time of day to a certain value when motion is detected in the room. This application would have been very complex to implement with a graphical interface. Now, in the Z-Way app, the user has only to select the motion sensor and the lamp in a drop-down menu as well as the switch on brightness and day or night time.

As of now Z-Way opens the App Store for third-party apps. Immediately developers and ambitious programmers can register on developer.z-wave.me and upload their Apps. The Z-Wave.me team analyzed the Apps and releases for the App Store. The developer can also create a so-called “token”. Users can enter this type of key code in the Z-Way software’s “Management” section to see the app before the official release through the Z-Way team. Thus the developer can use this “token” to give access to a restricted circle of users to carry out a beta test for his App.

Thanks to the RaZberry (a Z-Wave Module for the Raspberry Pi) the Smart Home platform Z-Way is one of the most widely used smart home gateway solutions. Since 2015, the Smart Home platform Z-Way is also available on all My Cloud NAS solutions from manufacturer WD.

If you’ve already built small applications for Z-Way, share it with the community. Or would you like to take part in the community? Then you can sign up here as a developer: developer.z-wave.me

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