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Z-Wave Smart Home combined with best multimedia
8. April 2016

Dune HD presents the world’s first Hybrid 4K Media Player with integrated Z-Wave Plus technology.

„Dune HD“, an established provider of multimedia solutions and high quality media player presents the world’s first 4K media player & set top box with Z-Wave smart home integration. The dvice is a combination of:

  1. Media player & set top box – a Sigma Designs SMP8758 media processor ensures smooth playback of 4K Full-HD videos, including HEVC video codec support, 10-bit color encoding, 3D video, high-end audio formats with high resolution 24-bit / 192 KHz technology, IPTV and VOD content from various sources such as USB flash drives, SATA harddrives, LAN and internet streaming,
  2. The Z-Wave smart home controller function based on Sigma Designs ZM5304 Z-Wave module and the Z-Wave controller software “Z-Way” by Z-Wave.Me.

The software supports a wide range of Z-Wave devices such as radiator thermostats, lights, switches, remote controls, sirens and many more. The devices can be controlled via web interface or smartphone/tablet app. Moreover Z-Way offers a lot of Z-Wave configuration and evaluation opportunities as well as the possibility to create automations and scenes. Furthermore users can access the Z-Way integrated app store where they can download some ready-to-use automation apps (read more about the Z-Wave app store).


Thanks to Z-Wave integration users of Dune’s 4K media player are only one step away from an intelligent automated home as of now. The Z-Wave chip is already built-in onboard. Thus there is no USB dongle or similar device needed. The only things the user has to add are Z-Wave capable devices for its own four walls. These devices can be connected to the Dune 4K player and can be controlled via scenes, automations and smartphone apps.


The Dune HD 4K media player…
…owns a DVB-T2 / T / C tuner and can be used to receive FTA DVB channels
…can work as a WIFI Access Point / Router .
…can be used as Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive: common use of files / content on the internal SATA-HDD or connected USB flash drives in local network via SMB / FTP / DLNA protocols.

The Dune 4K media player  with Z-Wave support should be available within the next 2-3 weeks. More information about Dune HD can be found here: dune-hd.com

Sigma Designs’ official press release can be found here.

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